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I’m using MIAB for some time for my single domain and it’s working great.
Recently I’ve added 2 more domains into the same MIAB setup as domain aliases and despite everything seems setted up correctly, Gmail is putting the emails right to the Spam folder.

In the emails headers I see all the checks “PASS” (spf, DKIM, DMARC), but it’s still in spam…

With some email checkers, I’ve found this error: SPF_HELO_FAIL
What does it mean and how to fix it? Or maybe there are another issues?
Though I have checked my first domain and it have the same error as well, while gmail does not sending the emails to spam.

Here is my domains:

  • (the first one which I have used for some time)
  • (the domain with MIAB installed, different IP form the main one)

These are two new domains (both have the same IP as “”):


All domains does have MX record for “”

I was trying to send an email from (or .tech) to my own gmail address.

Here is the example email headers when received (from spam folder):

You need more than just MX records, if you are not using your MIAB server as the Nameserver for the new domains. Please check the “External DNS” page in the MIAB admin console for ALL required and Optional records for new domains.

Yes, thank you, I have already made all these things from the “External DNS” page. At least, I’m thinking I’ve done everything related. That’s why I’m looking for some help here…

How long has it been since you added the external DNS records on the other domains?

The thing that we may not know is how long Google caches their dns lookup records, so it may still be a matter of propagation (lack of).

The point is the headers shows everything is ok. But the email is still goes to spam.

Understood. Please keep in mind that we are dealing with Google here. One of the big players in email who plays by their own rules - with no rhyme or reason.

Yes, I agree from the header you posted everything looks OK. The only thing that I cannot find is a google-site-verification code in your DNS.

I suggest that you create a Google Postmaster Tools account for It can only help.

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Also please note that your IP is listed on the RATS-Dyna blacklist.

This seems to be a known cause for email being sent to Gmail to be spammed.

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oh thank you! wondering how it may happens since I never used the email for a lists or something, just as a personal email…

From what I have read, that specific blacklist targets an IP block … so someone else using a Linode VPS is the actual culprit. The blacklist covers the whole block and then owners of individual IP addresses need to request removal.

Ok, thanks everybody!

After messing around with dns records, removing my ip from the blocklist and adding the postmaster tools for all domains it seems my emails are working good now!

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