Multiple domains, 1 external IP, same users

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i’m new, so sorry for maybe stupid question. I’ve searched, but mybe not enough…

my plan is to use MIAB for about 5 external domains (domain1 . com - domain5 . com). I’ve peace of available HW and 1 static IP. My questions:

  • is it possible to host mails for multiple domains? Yes, it is. And DNS will by pointed (mx) to tha same IP. And the MIAB will handle mails for each domain and keep them separated - correct?
  • is there problem to have mailbox with the same name for all domains, but keep them sepparated? e.x. info"at"domain1 . com is different than info"at"domain5 . com and user info"at"domain1 . com has no access to info"at"domain5 . com
  • what about ssl - 5 domains = 5 certs?
  • what about DMARC, DKIM… - any problem with setting up?

thanks 4 help

Did you read the “Guide”?

  • yes
  • via RoundCube/IMAP/POP3 yes, via ssh you can read everyone’s mail :wink:
  • yes, from Admin panel/pages (System Status Checks)
  • yes, from Admin panel/pages (System Status Checks) I think, someone correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, correct. But technically DNS MX records point to a hostname, not an IP address.

No, no problem at all, as each domain is separate. The actual emails for each domain are stored in a different directory from each other domain.

1 SSL certificate for the hostname of the MiaB server itself. Additional domains are only added to the one certificate if their website is hosted on the MiaB server. In this case, the additional domains are issued as “Certificate Subject Alt Name” which means that they are issued all on the same certificate.

All done automagically when you create an email user on a new domain.

And a bonus answer:

Can the users who have accounts on multiple domains, access them all in the same place?

Yes, this is possible by creating an email user for each user on each domain. Then you can create a alias for the second, third, fourth, etc. domain users pointing to the one you wish to read email in. Lastly, you would use your email client’s ‘identity’ feature to create different identities to respond to emails sent to each individual email account as though it was sent from that particular account.

The emails will all be stored in their respective Mail Dirs so each user will be able to log in and see the mails for just their account but the user who you set up to read all the mail from all of the domains will have copies of all mails in their account. There is actually a way around this as well … create a 6th user solely for the purpose of accumulating emails from the other 5.

thank both. @box, yes and also i’ve seen youtube install and also red some articles here on the forum. That’s why I’ve answerd some of my questions by myself and just asked for confirmation

@alento thank you very much. I want to keep webpages of mentioned domains on their present hosting service. Use MIOB just for mail hosting. The only webpage will be RouncCube and I would liek to have something like pointed to

is there any limitation of count Alt names as part pf one cert?

thanks a lot

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