Multi-VM setup query

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping you can give me some advice here.

I know that the consensus for hosting MIAB is to use cloud hosting, however with my budget and also other constraints, I am unable to do this and being a bit of an ‘old-school’ IT Professional, I do like to have my own ‘on-prem’ solutions. To this end, I have my own ESXi server.

Essentially, I already have one box which I host for a group of people, however I would like to host a second box for myself with my own domain. I currently have a single static IP address from my ISP but I was wondering if this would even be possible or would I see conflicting DNS issues.

I also do not want to host my own stuff within the existing box as there may come a point where I may relinquish control and pass it to someone else etc.


Are you using MiaB as the authoritative name server? Depending on your network gateway, you likely need to use an external DNS solution. Something like pfSense I’m pretty sure can be configured to support two name servers behind one IP address.

Very good points raised there!

I believe I do. (I’ll be honest, DNS isn’t my strong point) however I do have my own internal DNS via my local Domain Controller.

I may end up making the existing box’s DNS external and then do the same with the new box once I get round to setting that up.

I don’t use my ISPs supplied router as its a pile of garbage, however my ASUS GT-AC5300 may be able to help me out here.

I’m not sure sure on the details of DNS requests, but if they are not sent to a domain (e.g., and are instead sent to an IP address, figuring out which DNS server to send the packet will have to be based on inspecting the packet (it’s unencrypted UDP). This may not be possible with a consumer gateway, such as the Asus but should be possible with something like pfSense because if there isn’t already something in the GUI to configure, you can make custom pf rules.

No that’s absolutely fine mate.

With that being said, if an email was to be sent and transverse the network, do you recon Wireshark would be able to pick that up?

That ASUS router is a fairly decent bit of kit and I’ve not really played around with the features on it too much at this stage but will see if there’s any tools built in to assist. Failing that, I may need to spin up a Kali-linux VM and see what I can do.

Email is just sent through request to domain name and port. That can work even through simple port forwarding, so long as the router can support recognizing where to send requests for a domain.

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