Multi Domains and setting up when websites hosted on different server

I have multiple websites hosted on a VPS Centos os build. I wish to set up mail in a box on a fresh server to handle email for those four domains.

  1. Is it possible to host multiple domains with mail in a box?
  2. How can i set up mail in a box and keep my websites on the existing server without having much downtime or trouble with DNS/name server issues?
  3. To clarify, 1-2-3-4 domains on box A and emails for 1-2-3-4 domains on box B?

is this possible?

Please help.


Yes, indeed it is.

I suspect that you have not done much reading about MiaB. I suggest doing that. To answer the question, you have two options available to you.

  1. Set up MiaB and allow it to do DNS for all of your domains …
  2. Continue to use your existing DNS which is considered to be ‘external DNS’ in the MiaB documentation.

In my opinion, option 2 is the better option as you are not planning on hosting any websites on the MiaB server itself.
With option 2 you will have the least chance of impact on your existing hosting’s DNS as all you will need to do is add a MX record to the existing domains. You will also need to add some txt records to DNS for things such as DKIM and SPF, etc.
With option 1 you will be basically redoing all of your DNS .

After you have read up on installation of MiaB for multiple domains, please feel free to come back with any specific questions that you may have.

ok im set up but have these issues ?
im so confused on the name sever front and dns still .
here are the errors .

im using go daddy as register and my sites are hosted on a separate vps running centos os and sentora !(upload://1symc82uczQck26SQFSRsr8ZPuc.png)

This is not a valid link … I am not able to see what you have posted.

it should be in the format ![image caption](upload://1symc82uczQck26SQFSRsr8ZPuc.png)

So something like:

(FYI that is the OP’s screenshot (Confirm with link :wink: )


PS: When updating DNS records for your domain, it may take up to 48 hours to see the affects (Especially when changing NAMESERVERS)

As Mitchell indicated, it may take up to 48 hours for nameserver changes to propagate. That said, I am seeing this:

Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are: [] [TTL=172800] [] [TTL=172800] [] [TTL=172800] [] [TTL=172800]

This information was kindly provided by

Which is, if accurate, indicating that you set up glue for as well as kept the original name servers … which IMHO is way overcomplicated.

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Thanks for your help guys still can’t get this right now the site is down on that domain glad i tested on unused first.
Emails are sending from miab but not getting received Im on verge of giving up tbh , because i deffo don’t want my other working sites to go down.

Can someone please explain simpley because im stupid how to get it to work .

Any ideas ? or shall i start from scratch now the site is down but still need to configure mutipule domains , think il have to pay someone ;-(

Last two but sites still down (Which is not really an issue as used domain at this stage ) but once box is working how do redirect site back to the old box so its up again ?

Unless you have a good working knowledge of DNS, setting up external DNS can be tricky for some.

I’d be happy to try to walk you through this in PM … as it looks like my plans for the evening have been rained out! :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing what PM on here ?

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cheers thanks so much

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im just in pm but reached max replies ;-( what to do

Gotta wait it looks like, sorry bud

sorted it thanks anyway

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