Multi Domain IPv6 PTR / Google Spam Failure

Hello everyone!

I seem to be having some issues with delivery to Gmail. I have noticed some other threads on this, but I can’t seem to find anything in regards to multi-domain setup.

Here is some background:

primary domain:
secondary domain:

I have set up PTR in my DNS for baxtmann .me. I have not for nukaco .in since I actually cannot. I use Cloudflare for DNS, and I can only create ptr’s for the domain itself (aka cannot create ptr on nukaco .in that points to box. baxtmann .me) . So I am wondering, how am I supposed to setup a ptr for this secondary domain? (note that on secondary domain I just have the mx set to point to box. baxtmann .me). On primary domain, I have both ipv4 and ipv6 (converted to nimble) with the arpa extension at the end as well.

Does anyone have insight on what I should do to configure this?

I appreciate it!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Note: Since I am a new user apparently I can only post 2 links so I added a bunch of spaces around some of the links here just to get past that. There is no spaces between the URLs in my dns or anything like that lol.

PTR record is only for the IP address, and there can only be one record. The usage of PTR record on mail servers is for “proof of work” for what is called forward confirmed reverse DNS (FCRDNS), and it is performed on the domain of the sending server, not the from domain.

Your sending server domain is and the PTR record for the associated IP address matches this, so you meet the requirement. You would not be using Cloudflare for hosting email server, so the PTR record of the mail server IP address is not something Cloudflare will manage.

Please be sure you have gone carefully through all of the ‘External DNS’ records and entered them into Cloudflare, or you will have problems.

Also note that MiaB dashboard will report lots of errors may regularly send you emails stating there are lots of problems with the server, and this is due to using an external DNS server for the sending server domain.

For you issues related to Gmail, please be more specific as there is not enough information here to troubleshoot. If the email is being received but arrives in the spam folder, view the ‘show original’ option in the Gmail interface and check the Authentication results to see if Google is finding issues with delivery.

If the email is not arriving in any Gmail folder, then check /var/log/mail.log on the MiaB server to see what is occurring when MiaB delivers an email to Google.

No, as @openletter stated, you do not set up PTR records in your domain’s DNS. PTR records are set (technically) by the ISP and they point a hostname to an IP address.

And yes, more information is needed regarding your concern with Google as it is not evident with what you have written.

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