MTA_STA Error - did not find a solution

Good evening, everybody.
Mi MiaB just sent me an email with this:
“STS policy fetch for domain ‘’ failed with error:
STS policy fetch for domain ‘’ failed with error:”
I checked with namecheap, but as I am using they told me it’s on my part that I should add the TLS_TPR registrer. I do not know how to fix this.
Why did it appear, all of the sudden, when everything was working just fine? How comes everything changes from one week to another? I just don’t understand why did it happen. everythin was working perfectly.
Thanks in advance for your help.

What is the hosting environment of the server?

I host Miab on my laptop Acer, with a fresh Ubuntul 18.04 install.
It’s running 24/7 in my office room.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to troubleshoot between issues that your ISP may be having or your network gateway configuration.

Ok, thanks for the help.
Now that you mention “your network gateway configuration” - how could I improve it? WOuld a better router (I still use the one my ISP gave me) change the situation in any aspect? Or it has to do more with my ISP’s settings regarding the MTA_STS policies?
ANy advice is more than appreciated.

The error message indicates that MIAB is failing to find the MTA-STS policy.

This isn’t something that should happen “all of the sudden,” as it points to an issue retrieving a policy from.your DNS server. If that’s configured properly and there’s nothing effecting transmission, then you should never see that error. I suggest you check your DNS settings and connectivity to your DNS.

In the future, you should probably just post these into the Unsupported category, rather than in the Maintenance category. This isn’t related to maintenance, it’s troubleshooting your custom setup.

Understood. I will be more attentive next time. And thanks for the help.

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