Moving Mac Mail Users

Our company of about 30 users, PC and Mac, tried a migration from our current mail provider to our own MailInaBox server hosted on AWS. Everything from a high level perspective went great… easy to setup the MailnaBox (thank you), get a certificate on the server, get DNS records updated and propagated.

Moving our Outlook users was relatively straightforward. We had a small issue here and there, but otherwise no problem.

But our couple Mac users (including yours truly), was an epic fail. After spending all weekend on it, we redirected our DNS records back to our original provider and moved all our clients back.

Our current server is not SSL (just FYI).

On the Macs, you just get “Unable to verify account name or password.” We have verified the account name and password are correct by simply logging into the webmail side of MailinaBox.

After messing around with it for a long time, we find some tricks to get the POP side working reliably. But we’ll be darned if we cannot get the SMTP side to connect. Always complains of the account name and password.

We’ve had Apple on the line and they said to delete the entire mailbox and start over. Ug. Doing that on a Mac literally deletes all the messages as well. Not great. But we tried it on a not-often-used account with no success. Apple pretty much gave up.

I’ve searched in this forum but don’t see much about Apple clients connecting to MailinaBox. I apologize if I didn’t search well. But anyone having success with connecting Macs to this server setup?

Thank you!

Maybe there is a better way?

I don’t understand though what role your email client (Outlook vs Mac) plays in any of this. How are you actually attempting to do the migration?

So far what you have described has nothing in common with an actual migration from one provider to another. Who is your current email provider?

I can help you be ready to go by Monday. :slight_smile:

From your message I surmise you’re somehow not able to connect to the Mail-in-a-Box server using your Macs, correct?
You might start out with detailing how you tried to connect, what settings did you use, etc? There’s a Instructions link in the admin panel where you can find the settings you need to use.

We have about 12 people that connect using both iOS and Mac Mail. There must be something specifically incorrect in your Mac setup. Not sure if its weird generated password or you have ports blocked or SSL/IMAP stuff not working.

The autogenerated setup that’s on the login page worked.
I went to take a screenshot but there was nothing special.

This is from my notes when we setup (a while back)

Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 10.13.40 am

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