Moving email accounts to new droplet

Hi Guys,
I created a MIAB in digital ocean last week (everything check-marked green).
Today, my boss changed his mind and doesn’t want to use the “currentdomainname” anymore.
He wants to use “newdomainname” now.

I have more than a Hundred accounts in the “currentdomainname” MIAB but no emails.

I’m going to create a new MIAB droplet with the “newdomainname”.

How can I copy/export the email accounts from “currentdomainname” MIAB to “newdomainname” MIAB?


Don’t move to a new droplet!!!

But first, let’s clarify something … are these 100+ email accounts all going to be changed to user@newdomainname ? Or are they accounts on other domains that were just going to be hosted on this MiaB?

If the former, then it is not so simple … if the latter, simply re run sudo mailinabox after changing the glue records at the newdomainname’s registrar and updating the PTR record.

If the latter, you will need to simply reenter everything … OR manipulate the data in the SQLite database.

Yes, all the accounts will be changed to user@newdomainname.

Sorry to hear. :frowning:

You’ll need to reenter the data or find and use a tool to manipulate the data in the SQLite database.

Thanks for the quick reply Alento!

You’re welcome. I guess the good news is that in either case, you do not have to redo the install.

I had a similar issue once … had to re create 57 emails and 12 aliases. It sucked, but didn’t really take too long. The worst part was getting past the annoyance of having to do it again.

If someone wants to throw me like $20, I can write a PHP script to interface with the API to do stuff like this. Mass-migration of user accounts.

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I didn’t even think about the API! Brilliant! :slight_smile:

API is a wonderful thing really.

That someone would be me :slight_smile:

wait, can we recover destroyed droplets?

I have paypal, - see my donation link. (It doesn’t need to be $20 btw, donate however you want)

And no - Droplets that are destroyed are gone forever.

I destroyed it 3 minutes ago. :frowning:
It’s OK. I love to create MIABs.
Thanks murgero!

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No worries, I might end up making this script anyway since it can be useful. :smiley:

Good luck!

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