Move "System Status Checks" off /admin home page

It’s kinda annoying to have it pop up every time I hit the home page, especially while I’m learning MIAB & setting up my server. Would be nice if it was on it’s own page, and then the admin home page would load much quicker. That or make it “cancel-able” maybe?


The load time is noticeable more than a couple of secs?

How many domains and email addresses do you administer?

Sorry for the delay, had family visiting so I was taking time off. =)

It’s a fresh setup - 3 domains only. The status page takes 9 seconds to load… if it was 3 or less I wouldn’t complain… :wink:

One of the domains wasn’t setup yet (was still pointing to old NS records.) Out of curiosity, I removed it which reduced load time to 5 seconds… So more domains means longer load times… I’m planing on adding quite a few more to the list.

I thought maybe I could bookmark one of the internal pages, but your app isn’t updating the URI so that’s not possible either…

Check out Hasher or LeviRoutes, both very small JS libraries that can help with URI updates:

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