Move MaiB to subdomain and redirect to Heroku

I’ve just followed the guide and set up my MiaB using the DigitalOcean/ combo and it works great but I want to move a couple of things around but I’m not sure how to do it…

At the moment, the following happens:

However, this is what I want:

I want to redirect to as well because we’ve got a custom email client (instead of roundcube) running on that. How do I take control back of my main domain and subdomains and only have the email server running in the background on I’m not sure whether I have to create the subdomains and its associated CNAMEs on Gandi or on the MiaB admin panel - since Heroku requires CNAME DNS configuration.

That should be possible to do with a solution I posted some days ago: Access Cloud AND Mailbox from different Subdomains.

Hope that helps!

Why not just replace the index.html with redirect meta content?

Thanks for the replies. I’ve had a look at your post @nate - but could you let me know how you created the subdomains? Was it just creating the DNS record in MiaB admin control panel or did you have to do something in’s control panel too? Since MiaB has taken over the DNS I’m not quite sure how to create a subdomain now… (i’m a frontend dev!)

Yes, I just entered the DNS records. It is important, that you add a dot at the end of the subdomain like:

Hope that helps.