Move Emails from Godaddy cPanel to MiaB

Hi, This is more of a question from me rather than someone I am helping. I need to move over an email account from Godaddy’s cpanel to a MiaB server and I was wondering if anyone has done anything like that. The email account for those emails is still going to be the same ( but they just need to be moved to the new server and I would like to not have to to forward each of the thousands of emails. I checked some similar topics and they didnt specify how to go about doing it.

Imapsync can do this well. I have used the Online Imapsync without issue. I have never tried to actually use the command line client.

I remember helping someone on this forum a bit earlier who had a question about transferring their mail data from a GoDaddy mailserver over to their own. I think they use their maildir directory structure, so when you download a backup of your stuff, you should be able to just copy and paste that in Mail-in-a-box.

Self-note: include a tutorial/information in the work-in-progress Mailinabox manual.

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Copied and moved to roughly the same folder on both servers and set permission but shows none of the emails.

The way I have always done it was to setup the new mailbox on the MIAB server while the old one still exists and before DNS is updated. Then you can log onto both from any mail client using the MIAB IP rather than the domain name as DNS has not been updated yet. Then simply move the emails using the client from one box to the other with drag and drop. Afterwards you can update the DNS and delete the old email from godaddy. I have just done this with many mailboxes from godaddy.

Hopefully my explanation makes sense if not please tell me and I will attempt to rectify.

I like the idea but I think imapsync might be better. However since trying it today all i am seeing is:

BAD Error in IMAP command UID FETCH Unknown parameter RFC822.PEEK

Here’s my command:

So the makeshift solution was to use imapsync online using a link @alento sent me. I would be willing to hand out the link if someone can’t find it. My only issue is that I cant get it to check for dupelicates.

Aternatively, if familiar with Thunderbird, you could use the latest Thunderbird Portable, or any of the older versions, where to config. your OLD accounts (at your Godaddy) as POP (1) , just download all your emails and when done config. your NEW equivalent accounts (at your MiaB) as IMAP (2) …

Then you could use the Copy folder or Copy Folder Mod add-ons, subject to the Thunderbird version you are using for this task, to process the copy from (1) to (2).

Finally you could use the ‘Thunderbird’ add-on Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate) that could help you to fight with potential duplicates (not sure if this one supports latest Thunderbird version yet then, just use the latest ‘Thunderbird’ compatible one for the job). Hope this helps.

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