More power to Mail-in-a-box (fork showcase)

Hi there, and thanks for chiming in! So addressing the issues you encountered:

  • You mentioned using Ubuntu 20.10 - are you sure? The fork is for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (you can also use Debian 10 if you want), and in an ideal world the setup would just stop right there.
  • I have been running this fork for my personal domain in a production-ish environment (as in, I don’t depend on it just yet) and it’s been running just fine. You mentioned a lot of status check errors, possibly due to DNS:
    • How is DNS configured in your end?
    • Did you change the primary hostname when swapping the vanilla MiaB to this fork (so that you needed new glue records)?
    • Is the DNS at used as a primary or secondary server?
    • Because you did a clean installation again, DNSSEC keys changed. Did you update your DNSSEC in your registrar?
    • And if you double checked everything, did you wait a reasonable amount of time until everything propagated properly? Usually >1h suffices, but it can go as long as 24h.
    • For what is worth, my configuration involves using the box as a primary DNS server, but I have several secondary servers hosted at Hurricane Electric.

The stock MiaB project and this fork use the same webmail version (1.4.9 at the time of writing this). What changed was the admin panel, and it is functionally the same as the stock MiaB (it is essentially just a reskin - you’ll notice that the interface layout is mostly similar)

Oracle has a free VPS tier if you want to toy around with it - here’s a topic about this. It lacks important stuff like rDNS and IPv6 (it’s IPv4 only, for some reason) and it’s not too powerful (the internet connection doesn’t go further than 50Mbps), but it works for very light loads (if the most you do is receive mail).

It’s more about the fact that the fork is not maintained by the people who maintain the official project. I can give basic support on a best-effort basis. Other issue is identifying what issues are due to modifications I introduced (does it work on stock MiaB but not here?) and which issues should be resolved on upstream. You get the idea.

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