Monitoring Tools?


Kudos on a fantastic project - having had experience setting up a full email server before Mail-In-a-Box seriously takes away headaches.

I would like to setup some sort of monitoring for my server (I have about 15 family members now using my server and I want to be proactive in keeping it up) something along the lines of munin, nagios, zabbix, etc.

Any suggestions or thoughts on which might be easier to setup with Mail-in-a-Box given the custom configuration of nginx?


Hey thanks.

I don’t have any experience with any of those monitoring apps.

One thing I was thinking was to monitor the system status checks page in the admin and email the administrator whenever anything changed.

Unless you really just want to roll your own, you might give a try. They let you monitor 5 servers for free.


I think Munin should do the trick. Setting up Munin with Nginx is not a big deal.
I’ll try it soon and give you guys a heads up.

The question is : does the Nginx get overwritten on system upgrade? I’m not sure at the moment…

/etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf gets overwritten each time mailinabox is updated, yes.

Yup, I figured that out the hard way ^^
But it’s not really an issue since nginx acknowledge any *.conf files whithin the folder /etc/nginx/conf.d

I got Munin running just fine, where should I submit a guide to help mailinabox users setup a munin instance?

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Here, or as a pull request on the repo if you think it would be useful to set it up for all Mail-in-a-Boxes.