Minimum disk space


I appreciate this is might not have an exact answer - but could anyone suggest a minimum disk space available to an install of MIAB? I’m down to about 3.2gb which seems rather slim. I understand eventually as emails in accounts grow, that space will disappear, but does anyone have an idea of a good “buffer” amount that should always be available?

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If you are down to 3.2 Gb, the extra amount needed is

  • diskspace for storage of mail
  • temporary space for package download, unpacking and installation
  • temporary space for email buffering
  • mail log during the day (after a log rotate, the mail.log/other log files grow with plain text); at the second next logrotote, this file is zipped.

It’s all about the use of your mail system.

What’s your purpose? If you want to install this on - for example - an 8Gb SD Card, this will probably be sufficient, but … The amount of write actions will destroy such a small card in a small period

Thanks for your reply - its on an already running shared cloud server, which has done me well over the years… 4 busy accounts… Im thinking for the extra few dollars, Ill add 10gb and not worry about it for a while :smiley:

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