Minimum (as opposed to recommended) server requirements?

Hi, what is the absolutely minimum server requirements for mail-in-a-box with only a few users and little traffic?

More specifically, will it install successfully on a 512MB DigitalOcean Ubuntu droplet?


There is no way to know until something breaks. As the setup guide notes, I recommend 768 GB.


I tried to install on a 768MB server.

The Vultr 768MB servers only actually show 741MB as total RAM (free -m does not show the memory that is reserved for the kernel) so mail-in-a-box told me that it did not have enough RAM to proceed.

I edited the script to allow installs on servers with 741MB and it started to install fine, but then it errored towards the end.

So yes, definitely 768MB RAM minimum required!

I just successfully installed on a 512mb droplet by editing and it seems to be running fine so far. I just set up a 4G swap before installation (and left the “swappiness” at the default 60). The swap could have made the difference, not sure though since I didn’t try without the swap space.

I’m hoping that digital ocean’s SSDs will be quick enough (I think they will).

The only way to tell for sure is to move all my users over and cross my fingers I suppose :confused:

I guess just I’ll leave my other mail servers running for a month or so in case I need to make a switch back.

I wanted to move my server from a 1 GB memory VPS to a VPS with 512 MB RAM. This is 512 MB is cheaper and I do think that with 4 active users 512 MB is enough. After an uptime of 60 days, this is the memory usage:

Memory: 289.88 MB of 1 GB Used / 734.13 MB Free
VSwap: 60.14 MB of 1 GB Used / 963.86 MB Free