Mimic Simplelogin

So I have used Simple Login for some time. I really like the idea of the service but I’m sick of paying for it. I already have it using it’s own domain and thought about replacing it with a MIAB account. Was looking to bash this idea against y’all to get ideas.

The Plan

  • Create a new user on my miab and assign the domain I use with simple login.
  • Set that user as a wildcard to accept mail from any address with that domain.
  • when the time comes and I don’t want emails from any of those addresses, create a rule to delete all mails from that address…

It’s not as fancy as Simple Login, but I think it would suffice. Then when I need to pass out an email to someone, I could just make something up on the fly.

Does anyone else have an idea or tweaks I may not have thought about?

If you want the flexibility of Simple Login but without the cost, then try Anonaddy. Great service, useful APIs, one man band who is responsive and it’s very affordable. A better deal than SL and predates them as well!