Migration from plain Dovecot / Postfix server

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I’m running an old plain dovecot / postfix server that I want to migrate to mail-in-a-box setup. Is there an easy way to do this? Like creating users on new host and moving folders? Server has a lot of mail, so using imapsync will take tons of time.

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Yes, imapsync takes a long time, but I find it worth it because dovecot will get all of the associated file whatevers correct.

If you want to just use rsync or even tar, you can do that, too, just be sure your server is using maildir file format and then there should be plenty of tutorials online for how to make it work. I’ve done it that way before and found it more painful than just waiting out imapsync, but YMMV.

impasync could be slow but has been designed for a staged migration with accurate replication of mail. You can run it in stages over an extended period of time before the final transfer. I’ve used it quite successfully between different data centres. My mailboxes were large but not many in number though.

Copying across the maildir folders should work but I’ve not tried it myself.

@latinhypercube @openletter thank you so much for lighting-fast responses. Yes, it seems like imapsync will be the best option. Thank you!

I once posted to the Dovecot mailing list asking how to use doveadm to sync two servers, and was advised to use imapsysnc instead.

@meesix I am not certain why it is so often said that imapsync is slow. Perhaps because people use their home machines as an intermediary?

Don’t do that! Do a direct connection between your old provider and your MiaB instance, or use their web migration tool. :slight_smile:


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