Migration from ISP config for mail only hosting

Hi there,

I want to replace ISPconfig with mail-in-a-box since I only host emails I have few questions:

  • On ispconfig I have 2 mxservers, a control panel server and a mail hosting server all managed from single ispconfig panel. Using mail-in-a-box how can I choose a setup which will have 2 mx servers and 1 mail hosting and 1 user login server for webmail?
  • Is there an option for 2step authentication using TOTP?
  • can I use an external smtp such as Amazon SES for some domains?
  • When using 2step authentication can users using webmail generate machine password to connect to the email client on their pc or mobile etc?
  • Is hetzner VPS a good place to host mail-in-a-box control panel?
  • Where can I find experts who can install and provide ongoing maintenance for mail-in-a-box?


@alento might be able to help you with this.


What is the need for 2 MX servers, and a separate webmail server? MiaB has this all in one.

For the admin panel, yes. 2FA is not possible to be used to secure email protocols.

Of course. You’ll need to adjust the SPF records appropriately.

2FA is incompatible with these email protocols, as mentioned earlier.

Hetzner is great for hosting MiaB, but sadly their IP reputations aren’t the best. You may need to use a relay such as AnyMXRelay.

You can reach out to me here in PM. Mail-in-a-Box - AnyDomain LLC.

Thanks for quick response @alento

In the industry I am the competitors find the mail server of 1 company and then simply scan the ip to find all the domains of my clients and then target them with their own services. Having MX servers when you do reverse ip scan you cannot find the list of all domains as mx simply mail exchange. Additionally having separate webmail server and separate control panel server help us have better control as we can put the control panel behind firewall and allow users only from 1 country which is where our clients are. additionally we can easily do backups of that 1 server which host all the emails and restore when necessary but in last 10 years this service never had any issues.

we will get dedicated IP’s which we first check the reputation and we keep track of the ip reputation. so not an issue.

can you setup custom servers in Hetzner 1 loadbalancer, 2 mx servers, 1 control panel for webmail where clients will log in, 1 email hosting server with attached storage bucket and a backup setup on additional server along with 1 domain to relay from amazon SES?


Hi @alento

in case the above setup I mention is too much can I keep the ispconfig mx servers and use mail-in-a-box 1 server while letting users singing with ispconfig panel?


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