Migration from 57a to current - Setting up new box

I’m in the process of migrating from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 mailinabox using that same domain, to a new Linode instance. I created the new Linode instance without issue. I apolgize if this is too much info but I don’t want to waste your time.

I’m getting a message “unable to resolve host box.mydomain.com. Temporary Failure in name resolution”, first thing when executing the setup.sh curl script. Is this expected? Might this be a delay in nameserver propagation from the glue record IP change? Note Reverse DNS is configured but how do I verify Fwd DNS works at Linode?

After that script completes, I’m unable to connect via http://myip/admin either.

I notice that ping box.mydomain.com or ping mydomain.com fails similarly.

My gandi.net domain registrar shows my external nameservers at ns1.mydomain.com, and glue records set at ns1.box.mydomain.com and my linode IP: 45.xx.xx.xx. That IP agrees to the IP on linode instance.

I setup my Linode Reverse DNS also, briefly showing:

Thank you in advance.

Uhmm, should it not be ns1.box.mydomain.com as your external name server at Gandi?
This mistake would explain the “Temporary failure in name resolution” as there is no place to resolve the name from.

Also, is the Glue record IP that of the original Linode VPS or the new one?

Hi alento, thanks for the reply.

I typed that wrong. My nameservers are ns1.box.mydomain.com as you noticed.

Not sure why mydomain.com is unrecognized otherwise, but I’m double and triple checking everything.

I’m having problems just getting a new box running. Right now, the initial run of the script seems to be hung on upgrading Nextcloud. Should that take a long time?

It says
Installing Nextcloud (contacts/calendar)...

Upgrading to Nextcloud version 25.0.7

Thank you again.

Depends on what you mean by a “long time”. NextCloud does take a few minutes, yes, as it upgrades itself during the installation.

Your original server is up and running still? Have you or have you not yet changed the Glue records to the new server?

If you PM me your MiaB hostname I can check DNS for you.

So far, it’s been running for 30+ minutes on a 1 cpu nanode.

Original server is running, but registrar glue records were changed to my new instance. I set the original ufw rule to disallow all but ssh as the doc says.

I will pm you the hostname, and thank you very much.

Yeah, that seems a bit much I’d think. You might want to abort. Are there any messages indicating any sort of time out?

No messages at all to the ssh console.

That brings up another question. Should I make a new VPS box and re-execute the script+glue records change, or is there a way to execute it so it replaces all files? Or, is that even necessary? thanks.

I’d exit out of the setup, then run it again. You’ll know soon enough if you should start from scratch or not.

will do and thank you very much.

Ok. It’s been 10 minutes and it’s stuck at the same line again.

What I’m seeing in the ssh session:

sudo: unable to resolve host box.mydomain.com: Temporary failure in name resolution

Installing Nextcloud (contacts/calendar)...

Upgrading to Nextcloud version 25.0.7

Won’t your bash script abort on errors? Like “set -e” IIRC.

Either tonight or in the morning I will retry on a virgin instance. Tks

I am afraid that I am really bad at diagnosing installation issues. I am the type who would normally at this point, start over with a new vps. Not sure if that is what you want to do or not here.

If it is, I’d reinstall Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and give it another try…

not a problem to start over. I can turn around in under 10 minutes. Tks

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Resolved Nextcloud issue apparently. Bringing down migrated-from instance allows new instance to get past Nextcloud. Both had same hostnames too.

Running Status informs me that my rDNS was not pointing to box.mydomain.com. I was able to change rDNS at Linode to my box.mydomain.com now, before it did not allow it, then I rebooted.

Question (resolved, see below):
mydomain.com/status says my IPv6 rDNS is pointing to my domain, but the IPv4 is not. Any comment on that? I have opened a ticket with Linode as my rDNS there seems properly configured.

Update: Linode support said rDNS had not propagated yet, but now it has. Browsing to box.mydomain.com/admin, without using IP, works fine.

I will open another thread for further issues regarding actually migrating old data to new server.

Thank you again!

Thank for your help!

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