Migrating to v60 on new 22.04 box - pem already exists?

Hi all,
I’ve been happily running MIAB on an Ubuntu Server 18.04 box for a little over two years now. With the release of v60, I decided to take the time to migrate today.

I spun up a new Ubuntu Server 22.04 VPS, and ran the MIAB setup. Once it completed, I copied up all of my backups and ran the duplicity restore command. I got a lot of messages saying that files were copied to the local cache, but after a few minutes, I got this - then the process stopped.

Error '[Errno 17] File exists: b'/home/user-data/ssl/box.[MY DOMAIN]-20221106-a963b27b.pem' -> b'/home/user-data/ssl/ssl_certificate.pem'' processing ssl/ssl_certificate.pem

I’m not sure how to proceed from here. How do I know if it completed successfully?


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Take a look at this guide. I followed these steps and worked fine for me:

DELETE the ssl data generated by the new MIAB installation because the restore process will fail if anything is in that ssl directory.

There WILL be data in that directory as it was created by the MIAB install process. This folder MUST be empty before you restore from the backup, or you’ll have to install the new box again; from scratch.

To clear the ssl files, do this:

sudo rm -rf /home/user-data/ssl/*


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Thanks for the tip. This did work, but it was frustrating to have to have to blow away and re-create the VM, again.

I would like it if this tip could make its way into the official documentation - it seems mandatory?

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