Migrating IMAP accounts


I currently run my own IMAP server and I have decided to move a domain email service to Mail-in-a-Box. I have bought the vServer to host mail-in-a-box and now I need to setup mail-in-a-box. All seems easy but before I start I would like to know how to migrate the current emails I have into the new server? Once I move the DNS of matos-sorge.com (my domain) to mail-in-a-box I will lose my previous emails. What’s the easiest way to transfer all the emails between servers?

Kind regards,

Paulo Matos

What type of mail system are you running now? If it’s something maildir-based, you might be able to just copy the files over.

I think I used imapsync successfully in the past… I remember it was a Perl-based tool back in the mid-oughts, and imapsync matches the description: https://github.com/imapsync/imapsync

I used isync/mbsync for that when I switched to mail-in-box. Worked very well for me.

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