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I’ve just set up a MiaB server, really easy I have to say. Now here comes the important part.

I have an existing server with a bunch of domains and mailboxes on it which I’d like to migrate over to the new system, this new one is only a test rig for the time being. So is it possible to add a new domain name, set up the users, sync the existing data all before making the domain live? I’m thinking by that stage I can set up a cname for the customers existing email server address that will point to the new server address.

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My guess is running MiaB without actual DNS records for testing should work, but it will generate a lot of messages in the dashboard, but I’ve never tried it.

CNAME used on a root domain can cause unexpected problems, and most people use the root domain in their addresses.

And it looks like CNAME as an MX record violates RFC and causes Problems.

Thanks for your reply, if I have to end up shooting users new server names to set in their email client it’s not the end of the world but will slow the process of the migration. What I don’t understand is how to set the domains up in miab without changing the dns settings first. I am very new to this system though so probably me being a noob more than anything!

Yes, absolutely.

Not gonna work. Don’t even try it. Dovecot and Postfix will both have a fit because of SSL.

DNS for what specifically? The MX records, or the server’s hostname itself? You can set up and migrate everything without touching DNS … but nothing will be live until you change the MX record to point to the MiaB server.

Why not create MiaB with the same server hostname as the existing box? Then there will be no need to have the client change their stuff … unless the IMAP/POP3/SMTP port/security settings are different.

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