Migrate Emails from Gsuite (Gmail) to MIAB

Hi, sorry if this is somewhere else, I searched, but wanted to see if there were any new suggestions. I have have about 35 (currently working remotely over VPN) employees all using Outlook and Gmail. I have a new fresh MIAB up and running on DO (Ubuntu 18.04). Soon, I’ll need to migrate all of their email over to MIAB. I’d really prefer to not try to migrate 80gig worth of email across their not-so-fast-and-reliable home ISP providers and/or across my VPN network, or on their slow i5 desktop computers for that matter. Therefore, I’m looking for a solid, easy to use, command line method that I can run on the MIAB terminal to migrate their Gmail data to their new MIAB accounts. Anyone know of any current command line methods?



My recommendation would be to set up a VPS temporarily and install imapsync on it. Don’t use your local connection as the data will flow through it, which is why I suggest using a different vps.

The project maintainer also has an online version which works flawlessly. I have done 80gb worth of transfers in several hours one mailbox after the other. Some may be concerned as the data flows through their server, but so far none of my clients have had an issue with that.


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Thanks for the reply! Yes I found that before you replied, I created a separate server on Digital Ocean specifically to run that.

imapsync is available for free on GitHub, but I would suggest making a donation to the author. Instructions for Ubuntu installation are below.

The link below was super helpful in creating a script to run one after another, worked perfectly.

Migrations are running perfectly with about 100gig of data.

Thanks again for the reply!

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