MiaB with separate internal DNS? (Setup?)

I have a home network in the space. I run a lot of my own servers and services for doing network testing and such.

I run a pair of Bind DNS servers that run split DNS views for my nickellson.com & n7cky.com domains.

Clearly running MiaB’s DNS is not what I am looking for, but then neither is the External DNS dump it gives, because I need my internal systems (like my iPhone on wifi) to recieve the local 10.0.0.x/24 answer, and when it is external, the NAT answer.

My MiaB virtual host (running ESXi server) is mail.nickellson.com, and my DNS servers have A records that aim that appropriately for both clients, and external. But MiaB system checks fail when open the SSL configuration tab, I suspect because it wants to see my public NAT IP mapped for Let’s Encrypt functionality.

As I have control over my entire network, how should my DNS be set up to make MiaB happy? And how to I keep my DNS servers listed in /etc/resolv.conf, it keeps getting overwritten with even though I set it in the /etc/network/interfaces file for my NIC. (it keeps the suffix search order at least)


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