Miab with proxmox mail gateway

I have a proxmox mail gateway server. Can I send the emails to another server with miab?
Should I modify something on the Miab server?


Hi Edgar,

What’s your end goal? Could you describe your idea for using Proxmox mail gateway and MIAB as they can both be classified as “mail gateways server”?


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Hi mveplus,
Proxmox mail gateway integrates Clamav antivirus and Miab is not supported.
I’m right?

If Proxmox is running ClamAV on their own servers and MiaB is not, why would this impact MiaB?

Well I suppose this might depend on how the outgoing mail gateway handles rewriting sender information. SPF records on the MIAB end might be a problem otherwise.

Not sure I recall a way of forwarding all outgoing mail to a gateway other than using Sieve rules but I haven’t tied it tbh.

Hi @edgar,

Yes, MIAB does not have an integration with ClamAV, I have not used Proxmox Mail Getaway yet, but should be doable to chain them together. Any mail server with ClamAV uses a lot of resources CPU and Memory, MIAB is a very lightweight mail server.

If it’s just because of the integration mail server + ClamAV you could look for another open sources solution like mailcow or iredmail they both have ClamAV out of the box.

I’m sure that MIAB+ClamAV would also be possible but it all depends on what you want to achieve in the end. There are many solutions and all of them have pros and cons.


Hi @mveplus
Thank you for the info.


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