MIAB with dockerized Nextcloud

Hello all.

I have been recently working on a fork of MIAB where I wanted to move Nextcloud to a docker container. Maybe in the future I may move Roundcube there too, but for now - I mostly wanted some more flexibility with Nextcloud.

In the fork I have adjusted the setup script to omit the installed Nextcloud version and install docker, the Nextcloud/Postgress/Redis images, adjusted the nginx configuration and created a couple tools to work with the setup. I was trying to keep the ease and cleanliness of setting up MIAB as the original. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend running it in production just yet, though I moved my MIAB server over to it. It works best as a fresh install of the system, although I hacked it into my existing server. I don’t have a tool to import an existing Nextcloud SQLite DB (I was exploring that - but no headway), but I did write a script to move any users that may have uploaded some files to the MIAB Nextcloud install. It’s it’s the the mailinabox/tools directory. The script looks for a ‘files’ directory under any user found in the /home/user-data/owncloud directory and copies them to the new location for the NC docker mountpoint.

Anyway, check it out if you’re interested. WIP

github . com / kaibae19 /mailinabox (new user - can’t put links in posts)