MIAB vrs docker-mailserver

I have played around with MIAB and docker-mailserver for sometime now. I have tested them both on identical digital ocean droplets (same region) and on the same domain. Both get 10/10 on mail-tester.com, and pass all tests onappmaildev.com. However, for MIAB, only gmail goes to inbox. Yahoo and zoho spam them, while outlook.com flat out rejects the email. On docker-mailserver, gmail, yahoo, and zoho go to inbox, while outlook.com goes to spam. I was wondering what could be causing this, since they both pass all email tests, and what settings can be tuned in MIAB to be on par with docker-mailserver in terms of mail delivery?

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Perfectly legitimate emails can still be declined based on the IP address. Maybe the IP addrs are dirty.

Do those mail testers check to see if your IP addrs are on a blacklist? If not, I’d give this tool a try and see. My setup passed on mail-tester.com as well, but it turns I’m blacklisted on a list that blocks 192.*.*.*

The IPs are not on a blacklist. I checked that. My question is why one email server solution delivers mail alright while the other does not.

probably a misconfiguration in one of them to be honest.

It’s certainly a configuration issue with MIAB, probably how things are configured internally. On my part, I did everything right with MIAB…no errors, and mail-tester passes 10/10, and all other tests come out perfect. However, outlook still gets flatout rejected, yahoo, zoho go to spam. Only gmail goes to inbox. However, with docker-mailserver on similar DO droplet and domain name, outlook goes to spam, while yahoo, zoho and gmail go to inbox. That’s quite an improvement over the MIAB.

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Can you share which Guide you followed to set up docker-mailserver? … I would like to test it out.

Are both dockermailserver and miab setup with the same IP and Domain? Outlook, yahoo, and a few other big sites BLOCK new domains email for 30 days before allowing it in the inbox.

Yes, they’re both set up on the same domain and IP range. The domain is more than 3 years old. I have tried both systems multiple times on different IP’s and domains of varying ages, and the result is always the same: dockermailserver delivers mails while MIAB goes to spam.

The guide I used is found in the readme here: https://github.com/tomav/docker-mailserver. There’s more info on the wiki page too.


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