MiaB via VPN to VPS in Cloud.?

What would it take to have MiaB running on a local residential server with a VPN to a Cloud VPS that forwards and receives all the mail traffic?

Is something like this possible? Can it be implemented?

This could work around port blocking and blacklisting, while giving huge cheap mail storage.


It could … but it would take a lot to implement and I’d rather pay buyVM $8.50 a month for a VPS and 1TB storage, or $4.75 for 256mb. That is just me though.

Who are you using for VPS, if you don’t mind me asking?

buyvm.net is one of many.

If you (or anyone else) goes with them and is willing to use my referral code please PM me. Thank you.

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How do you link the 1 TB storage to your VPS?

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https://www.nocix.net/ has amazing, powerful, CHEAP, baremetal (as in dedicated machines, NOT VPS) servers for the price of a “high-end” VPS.

Check them out some time.

You can use SCP + VPN to connect and mount folders over the internet:

(This is for Digital Ocean, but Linux is Linux.)

I do not have it myself, but I know that it is very simple to do. You could join their Discord and the owner or chief tech or another user can tell you.

I asked and the response is that it is done in your control panel and is self-explanatory. Most likely you select the VPS and the Storage and connect them with a click.

@murgero’s solution works if you set the mail server up on the VPS and then connect your local storage to it. So the work would need to be done on the cloud (MiaB) with the storage (/home/user-data) on your local machine … I think that is what is happening there. :slight_smile: So, a different option to consider.

It can actually work both ways if we are talking purely storage.