MIAB Updates and Unsupported Modifications

Hi guys,

During an update or a re-running the configuration script for MIAB, unsupported modifications you’ve made to the box itself don’t get removed do they?
I can’t imagine the configuration script would uninstall any packages you’ve installed yourself but I just wanted to make sure.


Yes and no … it really depends on the nature of the modification and / or the package that you have installed.

For example … I use a non-standard port for SSH. That modification remains untouched by MiaB. I also have Webmin installed. Again, no issues.

In older versions of MiaB (I do not know if this still exists, but have no reason to think otherwise) some of the .css and .js files for the admin pages loaded from an offsite server somewhere. My SysAdmin did not like that so he modified the pages so that they would load from local copies. Those had to be re-modified every time the config script was re-run.

So … it really depends …

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Anytime MIAB has to download itself to update is where modifications will be REMOVED. Also specific to nginx, and local.conf modifications will be REMOVED when adding a new domain, sub domain, or other DNS entry specific to web hosting or email.

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Thanks both :ok_hand:
It was in regards to setting up AIDE, which is always a pain to get logging correctly. Didn’t want it to wipe my DBs or configs on the next update.