MiaB support for multiple IP-Adresses

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does MiaB support multiple IP-Adresses?
For example, on my Box i have 2 IPv4 & 2 IPv6 Adresses, but mailinabox setup only recognised 2 of them (one IPV4, one IPv6).


That seems normal to me. MIAB only needs one IP.

That may be true, but I read somewhere online that it is a good practice to have multiple originating IP addresses to send mail from. However, it is only necessary if you send a lot of mail.

For example, if you have mail sent from humans, you would send it from the humans IP address/server/domain, so that it keeps a high reputation.

However, if you are sending people garbage you trick people into signing up for…I mean promotional ads that people agree to, you want to blast mail from a different IP address/server/domain, so that if it gets a poor reputation, it keeps the human reputation higher. Now, I’m not saying all promotional mail sent is spam, I’m saying people aren’t as excited to open up their coupons or what Russian girls are doing across the world, and mail providers understand this too. So if you have a poorer reputation or your email quality is low, they will slow the mail delivery down from the IP address/domain/server.

Now, if you are sending password recovery and/or registration verification emails, you may also want to slap that on its own IP address as well, because that gets a high reputation and email quality, because people are usually waiting at their mailboxes to open it and get that darn email opened (sometimes waiting in line at the grocery store, because they need to activate a coupon on-the-spot).

…But if all you are doing is sending a couple emails here and there, you only need an IPv4 (and I recommend using IPv6 too) address. When you start getting into automation and email blasting stuff people sometimes never read, that is when you absolutely need multiple IP addresses.

While the things that you say are true … it is way beyond the scope of MiaB to be used for sending ‘promotional ads that people agree to’ …

I will be the first to admit that I am no expert in the inner workings of postfix, so I wouldn’t begin to know if postfix was configurable for multiple IP usage though I would not be surprised if it is. However, that once again brings us to the issue of the fact that such a modification to MiaB would be an unsupported modification and would risk being overwritten by MiaB during upgrades.

If someone is going to be sending ‘promotional ads that people agree to’, I would highly recommend using a SMTP relay and sending through one of the established bulk mail senders such as Mailjet, SendGrid, etc.

Thanks for the answers.
The reason why i asking is, i have 2 separate MiaB-Boxes with 2 IPv4 (different subnet) and IPv6 per Box.
The Glue-Records on Gandi´s Panel are correct, some dig test etc. shows the correctness.
But both Boxes doesnt reflect these settings.
So, is it possible to “force” MiaB to using 2 or more IP-Adresses?

Quick test: disabling IPv6 on an Miab-Box, running mailinabox-setup, only one IPv4 was detected…
Not good…

Hmmm … just as the first time before you disabled IPv6. MiaB only detects one IPv4 address because it only uses one IP address.

2 separate MiaB installs on two separate hostnames and domains, right? Only one of the two can be authoritative DNS if it is the same domain.
What is not being reflected in the settings? What exactly are you attempting to accomplish and would you share the domain/hostnames in a PM if you’d like me to look deeper.

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@alento, pm sent.

it seems that MiaB does not support multiple IPv4 adresses…

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