MIAB Secondary DNS -- Same host as ns1; move ns2 to separate VPS/VM

I am looking to just use a VPS to setup bind to be a secondary DNS. Curious, since currently I have my registrar setup to have ns1.domain and ns2.domain as cnames to my mx.domain (dig info below), curious if the primary DNS that comes with MIAB is already setup for a simple deploment of a secondary DNS server and then fix my A record accordingly or if there is more, such as entering in ns2.domain into the secondary DNS field on the DNS custom config page.

As of right now, everything is working quite well, but I figured I have no real good reason not to just get a separate ns2.domain secondary dns server up and going. To see what I mean:

mx.andrewschott.com. 1544 IN A

andrewschott.com. 642 IN NS ns1.mx.andrewschott.com.
andrewschott.com. 642 IN NS ns2.mx.andrewschott.com.

ns1.mx.andrewschott.com. 1544 IN A
ns2.mx.andrewschott.com. 1544 IN A
ns1.mx.andrewschott.com. 1544 IN AAAA 2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:feb0:128b

So what I want to do is move ns2 off the same host and make it a separate entity. Or should I make a ns3 and do it that way?