MIAB + OpenVPN quirk

Hey. I’ve got both playing nicely for the most part. The issue is specifically on my android phone using the VPN and trying to receive or send messages. I can even use a macOS client on the VPN and it works to send/receive but android is not linking it for some reason?

Any ideas what I might be able to modify on the server it’s probably a firewall rule but I’m not sure where to go poking around without breaking it all.

Weird I just did a temp ufw disable and it still won’t send :confused:

Well I just setup openVPN directly on android instead of terminating at the router and it’s working. Two differences. On the plus side I’ll always have encrypted data even on the roam the downside is my device will be super hot and draining battery like crazy processing the decryption on the S7 Edge. Guess I’ll just get a huge battery case to work with from now on.

MIAB uses SSL/TLS to encrypt traffic, there is no need for VPN (unless you are using it to bypass something)

This is independent of mail. It’s my personal VPN

Ah I see. I’d check the VPN provider’s documentation then.

But one thing to check is making sure the routing in your firewall is allowing VPN traffic to the MIAB server.

Yes that’s what I was asking originally :wink: The rules are pretty hefty and I wasn’t sure where they came from. I went through a bit of the MIAB scripts and couldn’t make sense of their origins.

If I disable ufw this issue persists. Threw me for a loop but I folded into the openvpn client on android. That’s working out

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