MIAB on CIFS - insights

Hello Guys!

I’m testing your MIAB on our local virtual server in our office, on an external CIFS share and have some insights to share:

  • symlinks needs to be enabled for setup to work (mount option - mfsymlinks)
  • I have encountered problem with .sqlite locking, so it also need to be included in CIFS mount (mount option - nobrl)

I have installed MIAB finally with some errors regarding Nextcloud. I haven’t planned to use it so I let them be. The errors are “Cannot write into “config” directory!” I tried to check, but in the /owncloud folder (drwxr-xr-x 2 root root) I can see only config.php file.

Right now I have set up everything (all green in Status check) and checking how the system work. Unfortunately I can not get the system to work properly:

  • logging to Roundcube is not possible (Invalid request! No data was saved)
  • next cloud is not working either (Internal Server Error)

The funny part is that I can add IMAP account without any errors but the test messages which I send to the my new email, are not registered in the mailbox. I can send email with SMTP and these emails are stored in the outbox.

Could you please tell where I can find some more logs to investigate further? I think it might be related to wrong permissions or CIFS mounting mechanism.

BTW - The installation on a local drive was flawless.


Main question - what are default permissions on a folder /home/user-data?

I’m reading mail.log and it is definitely permissions problem:

failed: Permission denied (euid=8(mail) egid=8(mail) missing +w perm: /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes, dir owned by 0:0 mode=0755

could you please tell what are default permissions and why after default installation the permissions are broken? Where was the mistake?

My plan is to setup everything on local disk (+check if everything works ok) and move to CIFS by rsync to keep all permissions. I have made a fresh installation and wait for DNSSEC ‘DS’ to refresh. Will post after done.


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OK. For sure it is permissions problem. I need a solution for mounting external share (CIFS/NFS) in a way to keep all the permissions intact. CIFS has a way to mount a share with certain user and group, but in user-data directory there are many users, specific permissions, so this is not the way.

Any help will be much appreciated!


I don’t think CIFS is what you want, try SSHFS: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-sshfs-to-mount-remote-file-systems-over-ssh

Or better yet, NFS if appropriate

Hello guys,

I’m after a few hours of running final system.

Decided to install second hdd on Xenserver and use it strictly for MIAB. I’m doing periodic snapshots and store the backup on my NAS (like I wanted the system to rely on NAS). In the end I got what I wanted and I do not interfere with MIAB permissions.

It is not exactly the way I wanted it to work, but it works :wink:

Thanks for SSHFS tip, murgero - it is something new to me!


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Does NFS preserve permissions??

In my case NFS didn’t preserve permissions - it was working same as CiFS. Maybe you can adjust some settings, it I wasn’t looking much further.

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