MIAB on an IPV6 box

I have an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server and its an IPV6 only virtual machine.

I get this error and returned to the bash terminal:

setup/questions.sh: line 115: PUBLIC_IP: unbound variable

The installation script “mailinabox” asks me to input my email address “user@example” and then it asks me to input my hostname and then it ask me to input a public IPV4 address, and when I type “”, I get the above error.

Does MIAB support IPV6 only servers? I use a nat64 gateway but it seems the installation script needs a public IPV4 address or it exits.

Is there documentation to help me modify “mailinabox” installation script? Has anyone successfully installed “mailinabox” in an IPV6 only virtual machine?

I look forward to hear from you.

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It does work on an IPV6. But you also need IPV4 to access the web interface. It will not work on ipv6 only as you will not be able to access the web interface from computers with IPV4 only. First enable both IPV4 and ipv6 on your machine and test if ping works for ipv6. Read more here: Migrate to ipv4 to ipv6 for AWS Ec2 - #2 by vele You might be able to access the web interface from an IPV6 enabled computer if you format the http request as e.g. http://[1080::8:800:200c:417a]/index.html)

That is to say it is not worth trying as you have to have end-to-end IPv6 connectivity to that host. E.g. if the server is not inside your own local network, you need to have IPv6 connectivity, either via your ISP (rare), or via some kind of IPv6 in IPv4 encapsulation (tunnel).