MIAB on 80/20 VDSL with Reverse DNS

My ISP aa.net.uk offers Reverse DNS and block of IPv4 /30 or /29 …

  1. Will it be viable to run MIAB on that connection?
    My speed is 80/20 as I am next to FTTC cabinet, possibly being upgraded to G.fast or even FTTP

Hardware will be headless OptiPlex Micro with 128GB SSD + 2TB HDD and 4GB RAM

  1. Would it be possible to have “/home/user-data/” located on the 2TB HDD drive?
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Yes and yes. Read the install instructions concerning setting a custom STORAGE_ROOT location.

Advanced: To change the default location where Mail-in-a-Box stores all of its data, you can set an environment variable named ‘STORAGE_ROOT’ before running the setup script.

export STORAGE_ROOT=/your/desired/path

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Also - Please be sure your ISP supports both inbound and outbound SMTP. Some home ISP’s will block those ports to prevent spam.

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