MiAB not starting after reboot

My hoster migrated the VPS where MiAB is installed…and now the admin login is not appearing any more and webmail mailboxes also can not be logged in to.

I found one similar support ticket but that one is from 2019, so not sure if the solution is still the same that we only need to run the setup script again??

If that is the solution, will it keep ALL of the settings/mailboxes…etc…etc…so we will not loose anything?

NOTE: We are using Dadamail mailing list software and that can still connect and log in to MiAB, so no error there…but MiAB itself just not coming up any more at…box.domain/admin

Or is there a different solution now in 2023 for this issue?
And last but not least…how do we AVOID this from happening again when we need to reboot the VPS ourselves??

Have you been able to determine which services are working and which are not?

Do you have ssh access to the server? If so, how do things look when you log in there? Any errors in the logs? Are services running okay? Did the provider “live-migrate” your server? Or was it shutdown to migrate?

You mention Dadamail mailing list software but I’m not familiar with that, so not sure what that means for it to still be able to connect.

As a general rule, it is safe to re-run mailinabox and walk through the setup steps. It won’t destroy your existing mail boxes, users, etc., so I believe you can give that a try with sudo mailinabox.

The hoster did a live migration without downtime. We have two vps systems there, the other had no problem at all. The issue was only with the vps where MiAB was installed.
We rebooted that VPS and everything was back to normal.

So this issue is resolved then???

Hello, Yes this is resolved now.

Some other issue has come up, I will create a new ticket for that.

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