MiaB not loading any more

Tried sudo mailinabox and I get this error.

FAILED: add-apt-repository -y ppa:certbot/certbot

Cannot add PPA: ‘ppa:~certbot/ubuntu/certbot’.
ERROR: ‘~certbot’ user or team does not exist.

What is it expecting me to do?


I am curious as to what prompted you to attempt to run sudo mailinabox. As far as I knew you were set up and running.

The ‘error’ says you cannot add the certbot (Let’s Encrypt) repository – which should have been added and up and running long ago …

So, I can only conclude that something happened between having a fully functioning system and now … for if I remember correctly, everything was working.

I have been trying to figure out how to get SLAAC to stop so that I don’t have to change the IP address in the DNS every damn day. Found an article that suggested that switching my Comcast to EUI64 would help. I did that and everything went completely sideways.
Now when I boot the Ubuntu machine, everything looks good but nothing can be retrieved on the web. Firefox goes nowhere. I disabled UFW; no help. Booted to GRUB and tried dpkg repair but it just calculates and then finishes (I am assuming because of no internet access). I can boot to USB and it works just fine. I can even Jump Desktop to the machine (so it does have network access).
I am trying very hard to save this rather than just reinstall because I had already migrated 50 accounts worth of stored email and set filters to forward to the old mailing list server on 100+ accounts.

Any suggestions on why it might not be able to get to any web site? The wired network connection has all of the correct information in it. Interestingly the little network icon in the top right has a “?” instead of being the full icon.


After setting the EUI64 addressing, the pfSense router/firewall and the Comcast modem went bonkers. I didn’t have any IPv6 through several reboots. At one point I had IPv6 but no DHCPv6 server responses. It was as if I killed something upstream. But turned off EUI64 and everything is back to normal for all the other machines.

I tried to copy all of the mailinabox files to a USB drive and was just going to start over but the 'sudo cp …" command couldn’t copy all of the files. It did many of the files but not all, so I gave up on that route.
It seems MiaB is not currently loaded; I am theorizing that when I “sudo mailinabox” and there is no internet access it screwed up the package.

I am back in business.
Turns out that somehow the /etc/resolv.conf file had gotten overwritten with a useless IP address for the nameserver line and also added a search argument to the first line with my personal domain. No idea how it happened; obviously something went super wrong during the sideways events.