MIAB installer for Amazon Lightsail (VPS)

Hi All,

I’ve created wrapper scripts for MIAB, I am calling it lightsail-miab-installer. It’s a command-line tool designed to streamline the setup of Mail-in-a-Box on Amazon Lightsail. This installer is configured to integrate with Amazon S3 for backups and Amazon SES for email sending (relay), so you do not need to open support ticket to open outgoing port 25.

To begin installation, you can run the following command.

sh lightsail-miab-installer.sh \
  --installation-id demo \
  --az ap-southeast-1a  \
  --instance-type 5_usd \
  --email admin@example.com \
  --hostname box.example.com

Visit https://github.com/rioastamal/lightsail-miab-installer to learn more.