MiaB Glue Records when dns hosted elsewhere

Hi all, could someone please clarify the following for me?

I have two vps servers on digital ocean, one has several websites on it and the other has mail in a box on it.

The DNS is hosted on digital ocean, and because the websites need quite a few additional records and the main domain is one of the hosted websites, the nameservers point to digital ocean, and the main domain ip points to the web hosting vps (not the MiaB vps).

So when MiaB tells me “ns1. box. domain. co. uk and ns2. box. domain. co. uk should be configured at your domain name registrar as having the IP address of this box (i.p.a.d.d.r.e.s.s). They currently report addresses of [Not Set]/[Not Set].” what does that mean?

I already have box. domain. co. uk pointed to the correct ip address, and i’m not using miab’s nameservers, so do i need to do anything else?

I thought I needed to get the registrar to add ns1. box. domain. co. uk -> ipaddress and ns2. box. domain. co. uk -> ipaddress glue records, but they are telling me that will change nameservers?

Thanks for any help!

You only need to set Glue Records on a domain IF you will be running name servers on that same domain. In the scenario you have described, Digital Ocean is handing DNS for your domain, so you do not need Glue Records.

It means that the Glue Records are not set with the domain registrar which in your specific use case is perfectly fine. It is absolutely safe to ignore this warning in the admin area of MiaB.

As long as you have entered the necessary records from the MiaB admin area System > External DNS into your DNS at Digital Ocean, no. The necessary records include the TXT records for SPF, DMARC, and DKIM at a minimum for each domain that your MiaB is handling email.

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This is not actually true, so I will mention it … adding Glue Records on their own do not change the name servers. You would have to point the domains name servers to the ones that you have added the glue records for to make that happen. So, the fact that Glue Records are added do not automatically change the name servers handling a domain.
It is absolutely possibly to have a domain with Glue Records NOT have their DNS handled by their own name servers.

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Alento, thank you very much for your lengthy and concise explanations! I am now certain i have everything correct.

Thanks for your help!

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