MIAB - domain name vs subdomain - security concern?

Hi everyone,

I installed MIAB few months ago on my domain name (not subdomain). No problems, DNSSEC works, everything perfect! All is green in the admin panel. Thanks Josh.

But, Josh recommend to put MIAB on a subdomain (box.xxx.com) and don’t change it (at the installation).

Is there any difference (from a security point of view) to put MIAB on a subdomain vs domain name ? Does it affect the “same origin policy” ?
I’m afraid I do something wrong… and can it affect the security of MIAB?

(Sorry for my english, It’s not my first language).


No security concerns.

box.example.com is normally how MIAB is usually setup because example.com will host a website, where box.example.com will host the mail, cloud, and webmail client.

But there is nothing stopping you from using just example.com

Hello guys,

I just wanted to ask how do I configure my MIAB when I have only box.emaple.com as my “main” domain at the moment. I would like to test MIAB first and use box.emaple.com without using example.com? I have asked my local domain provider to create glue records (ns1.box.example.com and ns2.box.example.com).


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example.com is your domain … box.domain.com will be the hostname for the server running MiaB. The install scripts take care of everything needed automatically. If you have no website at box.example.com, that is fine … if you only want to use email addresses in the format of user@box.example.com that also is fine, create the initial email address in that format - but beware if you do there is an issue with the install script where when you are prompted for the hostname it will autofill it as box.box.example.com … please be sure that you use box.example.com.

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