MIAB and outlook for office 365

So I had an older home Ubuntu box 14.04LTS and decided to go with a Digital Ocean Droplet so all my certs would work. That worked Awesome straight away, Ubuntu 18.03 LTS and all. My iPhone was able to read and send mail by just updating the passwords (used all new passwords) but my Outlook for Office 365 is failing IMAP right off.

Aug 07 17:16:36 imap-login: Info: Disconnected (auth failed, 1 attempts in 2 secs): user=nick@n7cky.com, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, TLS: Disconnected, session=<z0Vq+I+P2I4yxAR1>
Aug 07 17:16:53 imap-login: Info: Login: user=nick@n7cky.com, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=18327, TLS, session=<RoeT+Y+PeI9/AAAB>
Aug 07 17:16:53 imap(nick@n7cky.com): Info: Logged out in=139 out=1054

I do not see much here other than it looks like it if failing Authentication, but I see the correct password being used when I unhide it… I can log into the WebMail the same way with the same password.

So this was also a bigger jump in MIAB versions for me, anything change? I followed the instructions on my new droplet admin page, they already matched my outlook setting.


What do you mean Outlook for Office 365? Are you using the App on your phone, or is this Office 365 Business installed version of Outlook?

If so, please setup as manual, do not use automatic setup, then confirm that SMTP authentication is enabled in account settings and that you are using STARTTLS and SSL for SMTP and IMAP in there too (ports 587 and 993 respectively).

…or using ActiveSync.
Works very well with MiaB :wink:

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Yes, activesync should have somewhere like 80% compatibility feature wise.

I am using my person subscription to Office 365 ProPlus account.

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