Message during installation : unable to resolve host


I just installed a new (fresh) instance of MIAB (with a brand new domain name).

I managed to go to the end of the process, however, I don’t understand some lines (see the paste bin below) registered on the terminal (I don’t remember having seen them in previous installations) : sudo: unable to resolve host

To be precise, the Glue Record, and the name servers were not configured before the installation. I set them at the end.

Thank you for your feedback for my understanding.

In the pastebin you link to there is a .xyz TLD. This TLD is one of the “bad” TLDs that automatically gets flagged by mail servers, no matter what your domain, IP address, or reputation history is.

Using the .xyz TLD for your mail server domain, which will be read by every server you send mail to, will cause all domains with mail hosted on the server to suffer the negative reputation issue.

I realize I am replying about something other than the problem you are experiencing, but the best time to fix this is right now, prior to continuing any further.

Thank you for coming back.

I put in the paste bin a fictitious :wink: extension in .xyz but the real extension is in .email, which if I’m not mistaken is reputed as good.

It was the lack of glue records, or DNS propagation. All is good, no worries.

Indeed everything looks good, but I had a doubt in seeing somes lines.

Thanks. :blush:

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