Merging Two MiaB instances w/two different domains

I currently host two unique cloud VM’s each running MiaB for their own domain. These are low traffic email accounts (myself only). I thought it would be best to merge them into one MiaB box.

I am fine with picking one to be the ongoing server and decommissioning the other. Or, even creating a third brand new server and migration/decommissioning both existing instances. Either way.

I’ve searched and see this topic a few times, but mostly from 2016-2017. Also, the answers are usually something like “I haven’t tried this but I would do…”, with very little detail.

Is there a detail guide somewhere on doing this?

Any instructions would be very appreciated!

Without details on exactly what you have configured, generally these are the steps I would use:

Create accounts and aliases on the target server to match the source server.

Transfer the messages from the source server to the target server, which can be done by synchronizing the accounts with a tool such as imapsync or copy and paste between folders within a client such as Thunderbird.

Configure DNS on the target server to match the source server for desired domains.

Evaluate errors in the dashboard of the target server.

I would suggest a potentially easier method. Rsync the contents of the /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/ directory from each original server to the new server.

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