Merging 2 boxes manually

I’m trying to merge 2 boxes into one . As there are no calendar/mail/contacts , in fact i only need users data and mails. I have found PY script which can import users in bulk, but i guess there is no EXPORT script as obviously passwords are encoded and thus i woul dneed changing them on move, and i dont want that as i have lots of emails and clients.
So my question - is there an easy way of merging DB somehow to achieve the merge and then just copying /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes folder ? Or other tactics to merge two boxes into one without reseting passwords ?

I found that in fact SQLITE db is quite simple , however does anyone know if SALT is used for storing SHA-512 passwords ? If i just copy paste them to new box would it be enough , or not ?

Yep, copying the database rows should work fine.

(The details on salting are at Password Schemes — Dovecot documentation. We’re using the SHA512-CRYPT scheme.)

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