Maybe a DNSSEC problem

Hey guys,

I have enabled DNSSEC in my registrar a while ago, for a couple of reasons I had to stop using it (basically because Amazon Route 53 currently doesn’t support it).
Then I disabled DNSSEC in my registrar, but now miab system status is still showing that DNSSEC is correctly set at my registrar, and all other entries shows [Not Set/Not Set].
The weird thing is that outside the box the dns entries are fine. I receive/send emails without a problem.
I have tried to reboot the server, run tools/flush_dns --force, but it didn’t work.
It has been a week like this.
I use namecheap as the registrar, amazon route 53 as the external dns server, digital ocean with ubuntu 14.04 as the server.

Thanks for the attention.

Answering my own question, “dnsec-validation no;” in bind did the job for now.
Anyway, thanks for this amazing tool.

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