Mass email setup

Hello, can i use it for mass emails.
I need to send 700.000 emails week ?

At that scale, you need good tools to monitor bounces and spam complaints and you need to register for “feedback loops” from the major providers — otherwise you’ll likely get blocked pretty quickly. Mail-in-a-Box doesn’t help with any of that.

Even though I have two Mail-in-a-Boxes myself, I use a paid transactional mail provider for the automated and mass emails that come out of my web projects.

Whow that is a lot of email per week.

We only do a few thousand each week and already needed professional tools to manage spam reports and bounces.

We use mail-in-a-box for all business email and sendgrid ( for transactional email from my web-applications and large marketing batches. SendGrid has really good tools and flexible APIs.

As you are probably aware any batch above 1,000 gets you blocked way too easily and stops you from operating your business so its worth the money to use a specialist provider for large amounts of email as they help you keep your business operating.

Would be interested to hear who you end up using for your large batches.

What do you think about using as email management, and MIAB as email engine? The idea is to save money and not use third party. With Mautic as OpenSource and MIAB as OpenSource, you save lot of money with email marketing.

Could it be possible this plan?

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