Marked as spam after reinstall to new machine

I use sendgrid since my port 25 is blocked

Before with the same setup on my old box, everything sent fine, now every time I send an email to Gmail and yahoo SPF goes neutral (Used to be pass) and DMARC fails

also, I noticed that on gmail it says “via” however before it never did that

My mailinabox runs the DNS for the domain, and on the status page everything is ticked except the two port 25 errors (which is why I have sendgrid, and I cant ask for the limit to get removed) and reverse DNS (cant do anything about it)

I can still receive mail like normal

Old box

New box

Fix your SPF record … @VasilisTheChu

It has no reference to sendgrid.

Damn that was an easy fix, why did I not need to add sendgrids SPF on my old box?

Thank you anyway sorry for wasting your time

By all rights you should have needed to. Maybe it has been happening all along and you just didn’t notice it? Gmail made huge changes to their spam policies on June 6-7, that they won’t admit, but it is obvious to every email provider that they did. It may be that before then they did not relegate you to the spam box.