Manually renew Lets Encrypt certificate prior to expiration

I would like to force renew the provisioning of the Lets Encrypt certificate. I know this normally is possible in 14 days prior to expiration, but I will go on holiday for a few weeks and want to take care of it right now.

Normally this would not be an issue, but the firewall for all HTTP and HTTPS traffic is closed because I only use mail functionalities (of course my office IP is whitelisted, so only I can access the web interface) and only those ports are required to open up to the world. So the normal ACME challenge will fail unless I open up those ports for a few minutes while I click the renew option. But that is not available (yet).

How can I renew certificates if they will expire in around 20 days? Is this possible in the web interface or in the CLI?

Thanks in advance!

I have resolved it! :slight_smile:

Information for whoever is looking for this information in the future:

  1. SSH into your machine
  2. Go the the MiaB directory: cd ~/mailinabox/management
  3. Run the command ./

If you only want to provision a specific domain, use: ./
Make sure to replace with your (sub)domain.

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