Manual Configuration after setup

I am considering installing this. In the docs it says “There are basically no configuration options and you can’t tweak the machine’s configuration files after installation”.

Does this simply mean that mail-in-a-box provides no easy configuration means?

Or is there something in the implementation that prevents me from tweaking things in /etc/postfix and stuff like that?

Hello davidbeccue,

I suspect you will get a more in detail response to this, however basically you can change any config file you want, however when MiaB has an update/release it will overwrite any changes to these files and put them back to the expected MiaB state.

If you are going to make custom changes you will have to redo it after an update, and there is no guarantee that any change you make to the configs will not have any adverse affects to MiaB. These changes might also make troubleshooting any issues you might have harder.

If you want a custom solution MiaB might not be a good fit for you. You might want to take a look at the setup this is based on, if you’d rather a custom setup see here For most of us (including me) we just want it work out of the box, without having to spend the time to build it ourselves.

At the end of the day you might find you are happy with MiaB as it is. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions.


Thanks for that info. That is much clearer now.

Unfortunately, I’ve been running my own email server for many many years. So I already have many domains and aliases and groups created thru procmail.

I’ve made so many changes over the years, that it will be hard for me to remember what all I’ve done when migrating. So it’s hard for me to figure out if MiaB will serve all my needs, … until I use it and something goes wrong, and I say “oh yeah, that too”.

But I’d really love to not be responsible for servicing the mail anymore. Like figuring out why Google is now delaying my all my forwarding (I think it is because I get soft-fail on SPF for most everything).

But oh well. Perhaps I’m just stuck.

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