Managing external mailboxes

Is it possible to manage external accounts without having access to the domain records? Something like in Gmail, where you can import external email accounts and send emails with that address. A typical use case will be centralizing several mailboxes in MIAB.

My guess: If you would try that out, the mails will probably be classified as spam by others. Google can do this because they gained a lot of trust over the years as mail service and it is well known that you need to verify your external mail.

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Actually, Google can do this because they send email via your actual mail server, not theirs.

No, way beyond the scope of this project.

My understanding is that Gmail only uses this feature when it is able to log into the account you want to send from.

Technically, you can send an email and claim it is from any domain you desire. This why things like SPF, DMARC, etc., have been created.

So, sure, you could manage an email account and have nothing to do with the DNS records for the domain, but the DNS records would have to be created in a way as to permit this functionality, otherwise binspam.

There is this roundcube plugin that might be close to what you are looking for

I haven’t tested it but the git seems alive

Feel free to post back here to let us know how it goes if you test it…

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